What's New with DSL

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October, 2003


-  Added Display of the CAT5 Test of Cognitive Scores for the student.

Test Results:

-  EMIS Pass/Fail added Filter by Grade(when test was taken)
-  Added Sequence numbers to the TestResults menu options.
-  Added menu option "CAT5 Test of Cognitives Skills Analysis, list results"
-  Added menu option "OPBA Content Analysis, list results"
-  Modified the scaled score breakdown values on Frequency and Dist. reports


-  Modified the EMIS District Cross Check layout
-  Modified EMIS Gifted Search reports

Off-Year Tests:

Added the ability to load data from the TestMate Clarity application for the
Terra Nova test.
Added the ability to load ITBS Form A 2001 and 2002 test results.
Added the ability to load CogAT Form 6 2001 and 2002 test results

New features for DSL...

It is now possible to look up students by SIS student identification number as well as by EMIS identification number. For those of you who use the ODE EMIS software, the functionality is the same, i.e. to look up a student by SIS id, just preface the id with the "/" symbol; to look up by EMIS id, preface the id with the "=" symbol. If you do not use either of these symbols as a preface, DSL will assume you are entering a name and wish to search by name.

New course request module...

A new Course Request module has been developed for this school year. The Course Request module used last year is still available for your use. The new version includes the addition of an Administrator's module, one screen to display and select course requests (for both the administrator or the student), and additional course filtering.

The administrator's module allows you to add course descriptions, exclude courses from being shown, link to your own course catalog, limit the number of requests a student can make, view what students have entered requests for a particular day, and enter student course requests through a student name search interface.

The administrator interface requires your DSL be setup for this access.

Please contact mail_help@tccsa.net if you would like to use the Course Request modules or have any questions.

DSL contains some new reports under the "Reports" tab:

Absence List By Date
This new report allows you to look up absences for specific dates, absence types, grades, or homerooms. You can also download the results. This is _not_ a report of current day absences but a report of absences for previous days.

Absence List By Date - Period by Period Attendance With Teacher ID

Schools using period by period attendance can now obtain reports which show each period absence for a particular date. The teacher and room are included and the data from this report may also be downloaded.

ESEA Reports

These reports are intended to assist you in assessing your standing relative to the requirements of the federal legislation often referred to as "No Child Left Behind". These two reports are the first reports created with our new Active Reports report writer. The reports will be created in PDF format. We hope you will like this new feature.

These reports are new. Please contact us if you believe you have discovered problems with the reports or if you have suggestions for improvements or additional reports.

Test Results Required By No Child Left Behind

This report was modeled after a report created by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and it breaks down the number of student and percent proficient by the ESEA categories both for demographic groups and by test taking status.

Performance Index

This report is modeled after the "Table 2" example given in the recent ODE publication, "Ohio's Proposal for a Unitary Accountability System" issued by ODE on January 14.

The matrix is created from your available data from the current school year and includes more demographic groups than are required to be monitored, such as male and female students, disadvantaged students, and migrant students.

New DSL "Test Results" feature...

List Proficiency By Handicap Code

Mean, median and standard deviation of the scaled scores on proficiency tests are available through this report which is also able to filtered by handicap code(s).

We are continuing to load recent and archive test and item analysis results into DSL. If you have test data you would like loaded into DSL, please forward diskettes/Cds to Jim Franks at TCCSA. If the diskette/cd do not state the testing date, I will need that information.

To see what test results have been loaded for your district click here.

If you have any questions regarding DSL, please feel free to contact
Jim Franks at TCCSA at FRANKS@tccsa.net or MAIL_HELP@tccsa.net

This page last updated on October 28, 2003