The EMIS system provides information about student performance and participation and the needs of school districts.  The information gathered must facilitate comparisons among districts and school buildings within the districts.  Each school must periodically collect and report the information required to the Ohio Department of Education.

helps coordinate with its 20 school district EMIS coordinators reporting of their data.  The Software Support Team offers training and technical support on each of the reporting periods

Here are our EMIS manuals in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format:

  • WordPDF |  Aggregate and Submit to State Manual - 08/29/08
  • WordPDFFebruary Checklist - revised 2/03/09
  • WordPDF June Checklist - revised 05/13/09
  • WordPDFJune Staff - revised 05/13/09
  • WordPDF |  March Report -revised 02/25/02
  • WordPDFOctober Checklist  - revised 10/08/08
  • WordPDFOctober Staff - revised 10/08/08
  • WordPDFTesting Data Files - How to get and load - 05/28/08
  •            PDFAcronyms used by or related to ODE - 08/05/08

Online EMIS Resources:

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