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USPSWeb - Uniform Staff Paroll System for the Web

TCCSA School District Reports:

           Ashland City School District

           North Central Local School District

           Northwestern Local School District

           Wadsworth City School District

           Wooster City School District

TCCSA Fiscal Presentations:

           Powerpoint for Treasurers Feb 28, 2007 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           Excel Presentation Feb 22, 2006 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           Hodgepodge Feb 23, 2007 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           Budgetary RoundTable  Sept 23, 2004 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           Payroll RoundTable   Sept 24, 2004 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           New Contract Training - Summer 04 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           Payroll Fiscal Year End 04 (PowerPoint Presentation)
           5 Year Forecast Loading and Submitting (PowerPoint Presentation)

Fiscal Resources on the Internet:

           State Software Manuals
           School Employees Retirement System
           State Teachers Retirement System
           Ohio Association of School Business Officials
           Ohio Auditor's Homepage
           Ohio Bureau of Employment Services
           Ohio Department of Education
           Ohio Department of Education - SF3 2000
           Ohio Department of Taxation
           Ohio Education Computer Network
           Ohio Education Computer Network - EMIS Resources
           Ohio Law
           Ohio School Board Association
           Occupational Safety and Health Admin.
           Internal Revenue Service
           Social Security Administration
           U.S. Department of Labor
           U.S. Department of Labor - Consumer Price Index
           Robert's Rules of Order
           Safari Download Zip File

Information Exchanges on the Internet:

           OECN Public Forum Summit
           TCCSA Treasurer's Share Area

eDiscovery Web Page

2009 Fiscal Year End Procedures:

           2009 USPS Fiscal Year End Checklist
           2009 USAS Fiscal Year End Checklist

           2009 EIS Fiscal Year End Checklist

           2009 USAS Fiscal Year End PowerPoint

           Capital Assets Manual Entry

           EIS for Reporting Period H

           Steps to Create a Helpdesk Ticket

2008 Calendar Year End Procedures:

W2/1099 Verification Form

2008 W2/1099 Procedures

2008 USAS Calendar Year End Checklist

2008 USPS Calendar Year End Checklist



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