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Interactive Games




Figure This
Math activities for kids.

Interactives from WICKED
Blast Off, Code Cracker, Matho, Multiple Matrix, Mathor2, Quizit, Flitting with Fractions.

Math Cats
Fun activities for creative thinking and math.

Mathematicians are People Too
Take a quiz to find out what mathematician you are like.

Visual Fractions
Tutorials on fractions.

More Math Games

Brain Teasers


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Interactive Math Sites

 Count Us In is a fun basic math skill site with 15 interactive games that teach kids basic math skills. These include counting, patterning, counting, ordinal numbers, representing number with words, addition, subtraction, sorting and grouping, time, numbers, chance, halves, length, and volume. The flash based games can be played online or downloaded to a Mac or PC for offline play.


Create a Graph


List of MANY online Math sites


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Drill and Practice, Puzzles, and Quizzes


Many websites contain learning quizzes, games, and activities. As you explore the websites, determine whether they're just for fun or really something that will help students learning a skill or address a standard.

Quiz Builders

Take quizzes in many different categories. Subscribers can create quizzes. Trial available.

Create quizzes and track students.

a site that makes it simple to create custom jigsaw puzzles.  Just upload a jpeg image to the site, choose how many pieces you want, what shape you want the pieces to be and Jigsaw Planet does the rest.  You instantly have a custom interactive puzzle for your students to play!  The puzzles can be saved for your own account, shared with students via a url, or embedded into your classroom website for easy access.  

Lots of great learning quizzes across the curriculum.

Get Smarter
Fun interactive quizzes on many topics.

Learning Planet
Some free activities and online books such as
Alphabet Action.

   Funschool - popular

 Kidspace Activities - must register

 Hop Games

 Headbone Zone - must register

 Gustown Games

 Magic Schoolbus Games

SuperKids School Subject Hangman

AIMS Puzzle Center
Math puzzles for students.

Algebra Tutorials
Lots of tutorials and quizzes.

A Plus Math
Math games and practice.

Jefferson Lab Games and Puzzles
Java enabled browser. Include science, math, and element games.

NCTM Electronic Math Examples
Great activities by grade level.
What it is: Google comes out with some really incredible tools and Google Sky is definitely one of them. Think Google Earth for the Sky and you will get a pretty accurate picture of what Google Sky entails. Students can get up close and personal with the Solar System, Constellations, the Hubble Telescope Showcase, Backyard Astronomy, Chandra X-Ray Showcase, GALEX Ultraviolet Showcase, and the Spitzer Infrared Showcase. Google Sky also provides students with podcasts about the Earth and Sky. How cool is that? Like Google Earth, students can “zoom in” to a location and pan around. They can also view the sky in different views which include infrared, microwave, and historical. Unlike Google Earth, Google Sky can be viewed right from your web browser without a download which makes it very handy for the classroom.


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Math Lesson Plans and Worksheets Creator 
 for 3rd-6th grade

Printable Worksheets


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Math WebQuests

Problem Solving


List of Math WebQuests


Math Game WebQuest


High School WebQuests


It's a Math World

The Titanic-What Numbers Can Tell Us About Her Fateful Voyage




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Science Sites

Water Cycle

wqcycle.gif (504578 bytes)



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Interactive Science Sites

BBC Science Clips
Lots of great science activities.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Interactive activities including dinosaurs and bones.
Click on Play Games

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Interactive learning for science.

Exploratorium Online Activities
Try activities in the following areas: observatory, planet earth, machines & tools, living things, seeing, sport science, human body, mind & perception, and food.

Interactive resources for grades K-2, 3-6, and middle school on many science topics.

The Great Plant Escape
Learn about plants (English and Spanish) for grades 3-5.

Nobel Prize Simulations and Games
Play games based on award winning work.

This Old Habitat
Visit habitats and learn about ecology.

OMSI Science Activities
A dozen science topics and activties.

PBS Kids

§        Virtual Kitchen from Zoom

Science Monster
Explore information and activities related to science.

Science Stuff from Wicked
Great interactive games including crusty stuff, plate action, rock cycle, the lab, three in a row, and face your spheres.

Secret at Sea
Sea science adventure

Science adventures for kids

Interactive games, stories, and other fun related to science.


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Atoms Family
Science activities.

The Interactive Library is about "real interactivity"! The database contains hundreds of activities that make use of sophisticated java, vrml and shockwave programs.  Interactive Tutorials  Molecules in 4 dimensions

Interactive web chemistry! A molecule editor to build your own molecules, make your own animations of reactions!
Printable Interactive periodic table of the elements, chemistry data tables and pictures of elements.
Target Practice Chemistry Quiz interactive review activities for chemistry and biology

Programs for the TI-83plus

The TI-83plus graphing calculator is used extensively in our AP Chemistry program. It is used in conjunction with the lab component, where we do many labs with the CBL and Vernier probes. In addition, many calculations can be simplified (once the theory is mastered) by use of calculator programs. Below I have linked to some useful programs, most of which I have written or modified. All of the programs are are in zip archives, with a simple readme file. You will need an unzipping program, and a TI graph-link cable and graph-link program for your computer.


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Anatomy and Physiology

interact symbol

Anatomy & Physiology I Animations
Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links


Basic Chemistry


Cell Structure


Cell Transport

DNA Replication

Protein Synthesis

Cellular Respiration




Membrane Potentials

Central Nervous System

Drugs and Neurotransmitters

Special Senses



Interactive Body Systems

In this activity, Arnold is missing organs from four major body systems. It’s your job to put them back.
On the activity screen, you’ll see an outline of Arnold’s body on the left, and a whole bunch of organs on the right.
When you hit the Play button, the name of an organ system will appear at the bottom of the screen. Your job is to get all of the organs that belong in that system into the body.
But be careful! If you drag in an organ that doesn’t belong, all the organs pop out, and you have to start over!

Interactive 3-D presentation of human anatomy and physiology

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Interactive Health Tutorials

The tutorials listed below are interactive health education resources from the
 Patient Education Institute.Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition
in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.

Here's where you'll find games and activities to help you explore your health and the human body.

On-Line Health Quizzes

Colgate Kids World Website-all about dental health







Food and My World

Interactive Food Pyramid

Water and My World

Many Links to Health related Sites



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Physics Interactive Physics Activities    
A set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets. These applets mostly cover the course of Introductory Physics or

material close to it.


The Virtual Cell


Interactive Human Body



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Interactive Science Simulations
Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.




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Exploring Planets in the Classroom

Amazing Space
Online explorations including Planet Impact!, Hubble Mission, Galaxies Galore and more!

More than 25 hands-on science activities are provided in classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences.

These Interactives offer a fresh and dynamic method to teach the astronomy basics. Each Interactive will allow students to manipulate

  parameters and gain a better understanding of topics such as Blackbody Radiation,   The Bohr Model, Retrograde Motion, and the H-R Diagram by watching the effect of these manipulations.



NASA Quest Challenges are FREE Web-based, interactive explorations designed to ... Featured are the top astronomers from the future telescope projects



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Interactive Demonstrations AWESOME site covering all aspects of astronomy


Top 50 Amateur Astronomy


Solar System Puzzle - Unscramble an astronomy picture by answering questions.


A list of interactive websites for Space and Astronomy     


This website contains the mission of the ClassAction project and how teachers can effectively use this website to improve learning in their classrooms.  The ClassAction Project develops interactive materials to be used in the introductory astronomy classroom.  Currently there are three modules that demonstrate: lunar cycles, coordinates and motions, and stellar parameters.



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The Biology Project
Problem sets and tutorials. 

Human Anatomy Online from Inner Learning
Learn about the human body.


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Earth Science

Games and activities for kids related to animals and habitats. Lesson Plans Climate and Weather

Volcanoes Weather Petroleum
Lakes Minerals Dunes
Waterfalls Structure Space


The Earth Science World Image Bank is a service provided by the American Geological Institute (AGI). This Image Bank is designed to provide quality geoscience images to the public, educators, and the geoscience community.


  Earth Science Lesson Plans


Earth Science Interactive

The science and nature of the Earth, its oceans and our environment. An interactive educational resource.


Earth Science Games from NASA 


Rain Forest



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Frog WebQuest


Science WebQuests Divided by Grade Levels


Parts of a Plant


Water Cycle






Cells and Living Things


The Ocean




 9-12 WebQuests



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