Solid, Liquid, or Gas?
A first grade webquest by Laura Pickersgill,, Hillsdale Elementary, 2002

Introduction: The first grade classes at Hillsdale Elementary study solids, liquids, and gases as part of their science curriculum. This webquest provides links and activities to enhance the students' understanding of this topic.

Tasks: ** You and your partner will read about the 3 states of matter. Then you will  choose 2 activities to show your teacher what you've  learned. Finally, you will evaluate your partner and his/her effort on your project.**

         1) Read I AM WATER  by Jean Marzotto or The Magic School Bus and the Water Works by Joanna Cole.
          2) Visit 2 sites from the resource list and learn about the states of matter. 
          3) Choose 2 activities from the list of activities, complete, and then turn your projects in to the teacher.
          4) Evaluate your partner's work .  

Resources:  1)

Activities:  1) Make a sculpture showing the 3 states of matter by visiting
                  2)Complete a worksheet  grouping the 3 types of matter.
                  3) Make a non-Newtonian fluid by going to one of the links and following the directions.
                       Then use the worksheet  to tell how it compares to a solid or a  liquid and how it is different.
               go to Blue Goo
                   4) Fold a paper into 3 parts. Label the columns solid, liquid, gas.  Then either draw or find 3 pictures of each state of matter.

Evaluation:  Print the evaluation form and fill it out.

K-12 Standards: Science 4.1, 6.1, 6.8, 6.9, 6.13, 9.1