Joy Cowley's Mrs. Wishy Washy
A Dirty Story!

Presented by Mrs. Blanchard & Mrs. Smith
Apple Creek Elementary

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      Mrs. Wishy Washy's animals are dirty.  She gives them each a bath.  Do they stay clean?  What do they do after their baths?  Complete the WebQuest to find out!

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     During this WebQuest you will:

  • read Mrs. Wishy Washy 
  • sequence pictures from the story 
  • retell the story using pictures of the characters 
  • learn more about the three animals in the story 
Decide what might happen if Mrs. Wishy Washy returns at the end of the story.

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1. Your fist task is to read Mrs. Wishy Washy in Power Point.  Be patient as it loads.  To turn the page, click the mouse.  Click the green box to go back one page.  

2. Your second job is to print the pictures from the story, cut them out, and glue them in the correct sequence.  First set of pictures.   Second set of pictures. 

3. Find a partner and print the characters from the story.  Color the pictures, cut them out, and glue them to a craft stick.  Use these pictures to retell the story with your friend.

4. Go to the links to find out more about cows, ducks, and pigs.

5. After hearing the story, what do you think might happen next?  Dictate your ideas to an adult helper or to a student helper.

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Here are additional activities for Mrs. Wishy-Washy:

1.  Recipes for Purple Cow, Pigs In a Blanket, and Ducky Delight

2.  Matching animal sounds (pig, duck, cow).  Really cool game!

3.  Animal pictures to color 




4.  Fun farm sounds!

5.  Great farm unit!

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