A Second Grade WebQuest
Created by Lisa Hoover
Dalton Elementary School
February, 2001

Introduction/ Task/ Process/ Resources/ Evaluation/ Conclusion


It's winter! You want a snow day but it's not snowing. All your friends want to go sled riding down the big hill in your backyard. You need to figure out what the weather is going to be so you can plan a day of fun in the snow and activities you could do with your friends.

The Task 

You and your partner will :
1.  Write the five-day forecast on the weather worksheet.
2.  Write how snow is formed at the bottom of the worksheet.
3.  Read examples of snow poems.
4.  Write your own snow poem.
5.  Make a snowflake from a pattern.
6.  Read your forecast and poem to the class and show them the snowflake you made.

The Process 

1.  Your teacher will assign you a partner.

2.  Click on the snow worksheet and print two copies.
3.  Click on the weather forecast link.
4.  Fill in the five-day forecast on your paper.
5.  Click on the link of how snowflakes are formed.
6.  Answer the last question on the worksheet.
7.  Click on one of the poem links and read the poem.
8.  Click on the other poem link and read that poem.
9.  Now work together to write your own snow poem. 10. Ask you teacher for help to put it on Microsoft Word on the computer.
11. Start typing. Remember to give it a title.
12. Click on 'Spell Check' and make corrections. Then print your poem.
13. Click on the Snowflake pattern link. Chose the one you like and print it. Now fold and cut the snowflake out.
14. Click on the Snow WebQuest Evaluation form and fill it out. Turn in the form and worksheet to your teacher.
15. Let your teacher know when you are done so you can present your forecast, poem and snowflake to the class.


Snow information


Your five-day weather forecast:


Snowflake patterns for kids: (Scroll down to the green box that says "Snowflake patterns for kids." Click the flake you want and then print.)


Poem to read: (Go to the little white box and arrow down. Pick the word 'snow' and click the gray box "go!") http://www.robertmunsch.com/poems.cfm

Another poem to read:


How snowflakes are formed: (The answer is in the first paragraph.)



Your grade will be based on your completed weather worksheet and snow poem.

  1. The worksheet will be graded on a % scale.
  2. The poem will be graded on a 4 point rubric.
  3. The evaluation, snowflake and class report
will be just checked for completion. Conclusion

Snow is a lot of fun. Hopefully you have learned some fun information about how snow works and did activities you enjoyed.

1. Do you think a friend might like to do this WebQuest?

2. Did you learn more about using the Internet?

3. Now what kind of weather would you like to learn more about?